A complete guide to Cloudbric VPN

A guide to Cloudbric VPN

The best personal VPN services have a couple of things: they ensure maximum security for your data, provide you with a faster internet connection, and can be used on your computers and mobile devices. Cloudbric has all of these benefits and more.

This guide reveals all you need to know about Cloudbric VPN. We will also look into the safety of VPNs on your device. Before we delve into Cloudbric VPN, what exactly is a VPN? 

What is a VPN?


A virtual private network, generally abbreviated as a VPN, is an encrypted connection established between a device and a network using the public internet. Using an encrypted connection is essential in ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive data during transmission. At the same time, it protects your IP address from being found or tracked on the sites you visit or by hackers, especially if you are working on a public network. Users can complete work from a remote location while at the same time preventing unauthorized parties from accessing the transmission.

Why should you use a VPN?

There are quite a several reasons you should use a VPN service when browsing the internet. Here are two key reasons a VPN service would benefit you while you surf your favourite sites.

  • To hide your Online activities

The primary purpose of using a VPN is to hide your online activities. Gradually the world has become much more digitized than in the past, and most of us have much of our personal information on our devices. When we go online, it becomes easy for hackers and snoopers to access this information. A VPN is essential for helping you hide your information while you browse.

  • Give your online banking transactions an extra layer of security

Another key benefit you can enjoy with a VPN is that it encrypts your data and adds an extra layer to your online banking experience. Online banking is quite convenient, but it could open your accounts to online theft without proper protection. A VPN helps protect your online account usage while accessing your online bank.

Benefits of Cloudbric VPN service

There are various benefits to using Cloudbric VPN. One of which is to provide security for users. This benefit of Cloudbric VPN is fundamental as it fulfils the basic requirements of a good VPN. Certain benefits help Cloudbric stand out from its competitors, and here are some of those benefits.

  • Cloudbric is a free VPN

Looking at all the features and benefits embedded in Cloudbric VPN, you would be tempted to ask for a price, but now, Cloudbric VPN is a free VPN. It can be accessed at any time without paying any fee.

Other free VPNs have a significant issue: some store your details and sell them for profit. This can be very dangerous since that is what you are avoiding by using their services.  Cloudbric works with the best security system to ensure that your data is protected. We also use Zero logs, meaning we do not track, collect or share your data as you surf the internet.

  • Cloudbric VPN can be used across various platforms

When free VPNs are presented, they either have a set limitation or are made unavailable on specific devices. With Cloudbric, this is not the case, as it is available on your PC and mobile devices.

  • Cloudbric has a clean and easy-to-use interface

While building Cloudbric VPN, users were kept as the focus; as a result, an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface was developed. Many times users struggle to grasp how to navigate VPNs after downloading. This occurs for free and paid VPNs with homepages that confuse users and leave them unable to access the full benefits of the VPN. Cloudbric’s design is not like that.

  • Data privacy from your ISP

One core benefit of using Cloudbric VPN is privacy on public or private networks. Connecting to your home wifi or using your browsing option is often considered safer than a public network, but it isn’t entirely free from unsuspecting eyes.

Your internet service provider can access all the information you go through and store it on your network. This is because they provide you with access to the internet. With a Cloudbric VPN, you can protect your information from the watch of your internet service provider.

  • Data privacy from apps and software

Over time there have been several complaints about various apps and software collecting information from systems and networks without prior permission. Many social media apps are guilty of this. Cloudbric VPN would limit how much access these apps have to your data, like browsing history and location. With Cloudbric VPN, this can be easily avoided.

  • High-speed browsing

Cloudbric VPN accelerates browsing. It helps avoid bandwidth throttling. Your ISP may not always route your data through the fastest channel. Some VPNs slow down internet speed to protect your data. WireGuard® protocol reduces speed degradation and creates secure connections. Cloudbric gives your device fast internet access. Cloudbric VPN doesn’t limit speed or data, unlike many VPNs. Cloudbric VPN doesn’t limit data speed or what you can do. Cloudbric VPN allows faster, larger downloads.

Is it safe to use VPNs?

There have been rumours as to the safety of using VPNs. The fact remains that VPNs are safe for your devices. They are much safer than surfing the internet without data protection. Some VPNs are made with malicious intent to spread malware, but this is not often the case. You get the best security and internet speed when you use a trustworthy VPN service provider like Cloudbric VPN.

A quick summary of Cloudbric VPN

Your internet connection will be faster and more secure with Cloudbric’s safe and reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN). In addition, it features an intuitive user interface that is simple to operate. The virtual private network can be used on desktop computers and mobile devices and is downloadable on various major operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.


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