[Weekly Security News] Data breach at the end of the year

[Weekly Security News] Data breach at the end of the year

[January 03 2024]

1. Hackers steal customer data from Europe’s largest parking app operator

The largest parking app operator has reported itself to information regulators in the EU and UK after hackers stole customer names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses and parts of credit card numbers. This hack highlights the increasing centralization of parking services as apps, websites and automated phone lines and so on.

Source : The Guardian


2. Ransomware Group Claims 100 Gb of Data Stolen From Nissan

Nissan Motor Corp and Financial Services in Australia and New Zealand had been targeted by hackers in early December 2023. Akira, a ransomware group, has taken credit for the attack on Nissan, claiming to have stolen 100Gb of Data, including corporate files and personal information belonging to employees. The Companies confirmed that an unauthorized 3rd party illegally accessed some of the company’s network systems in the two countries and it has been working on determining what information is impacted.

Source : Security Week


3. 82,000 affected in hack of Paramount and CBS parent company National Amusements

Paramount National Amusements has confirmed a data breach that involved the exfiltration of mass amounts of personal data. The company took 8 months to detect the breach and started to inform those affected on 22 Dec, taking 4 more months. The personal data may have been stolen including financial account numbers or credit and debit card numbers, passwords or PIN codes for the affected account.

Source : SiliconANGLE Media


The more companies have tried to collect the customer information for the market insights. It is important not only to collect the information but  to manage it for protection as well. This area is required for the cybersecurity expert defenately.

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