[Weekly Security News] Blizzard’s sequel Overwatch 2 Hit By DDoS attacks

October 7, 2022

1. Blizzard’s sequel Overwatch 2 hit by DDoS attacks

Overwatch 2, which is one of American video game publisher Blizzard’s sequels and the most anticipated game of the year, has suffered ongoing DDoS attacks on its launch day. The game company mentioned that the attack is causing “unexpected server errors”, and they are working to resolve the server problems.

Source: Forbes, IGN


2. Is it possible to prevent your organization from complex and sophisticated DDoS attacks?

Many hackers find new ways to carry out DDoS attacks, making it more difficult for companies to defend themselves and causing service disruptions. These DDoS attacks can cause serious damage to the company’s online services and reputation for a long term. Thus, organizations from small to large businesses must prepare for new attacks to defend themselves in advance. 

Source: ZDnet

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