Cloudbric, Reporting Threat Information through Cloudbric Cryptobric both iOS and Android

Cloudbric Cryptobric

Report Threat Information function is added in the iOS version and the equal compensation program

Cloudbric Cryptobric is a Personal Digital Asset Management App developed by Cloudbric. With the continuous version upgrade, its features have been developed from the simple function checking the risk of the apps related to digital assets to the various ones such as crypto app scan, wallet, and the gift shop accepting token payment.

Threat information (Fake Crypto wallet address and Phishing URL) reporting function, which was only provided in Cryptobric 3.0 Android version, was added in the Cyptobric 1.1.3 iOS version.
Therefore, all the users of Cloudbric Cryptobric can contribute to the enhancement of Threat information and get an equal compensation program from Cloudbric. The compensation program will be revealed at a later date. The more detailed information is on Cloudbric Blog.

Cloudbric, continuously striving to develop and to improve its applicable security services for users, also provides Cloudbric VPN protecting personal IP through App Store, Play Store, and its website as well as engages in global cyber activities as a new active member of Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA published in 26 Sep, 2022).