Cryptobric 3.0, a digital asset management app that provides enhanced mobile protection with additional functions that block phishing URLs

Cloudbric Cryptobric


Greetings from Cloudbric.

Cloudbric, a special cloud security provider, launched a personal digital asset management app ‘Cryptobric’ version 3.0 in July, adding functions that block the access of phishing URLs.

Before we learn more about the key features of Cloudbric Cryptobric, let’s first look at two functions that are recently added.

  1. Implementation of SWG (Secure Web Gateway) – Added functions that block the access of phishing URLs and smishing.

This is a major and key item, and SWG is basically a technology that protects users from web-based threats on the Internet by preventing threat information such as hacking from accessing endpoints. The SWG technology is expressed as a function that blocks access through phishing URLs included in texts and emails on users’ mobiles, and the function to protect users from phishing and smishing is now available for free. This feature is only available on the Android platform.

  1. Added a function to report threat information (Fake Crypto wallet address, phishing URL)

By providing a function that allows users to directly report threat information such as phishing URLs, those who want to report threat information can actively participate. Additionally, compensation for this is planned in the future and we will share it shortly.


Features of Cloudbric Cryptobric

Here are the key features of Cryptobric app on both Android and iOS platforms:

  • Cryptobric (Android version)

1) The first Crypto Scan App: It was created as the first Crypto scan app that pays 50 CLBK as a scan reward once a week when users scan the Cryptobric App.

2) Digital Asset Wallet: A wallet that can store and transfer Cloudbric CLBK  and Klaytn KLAY has been added.

3) Gift shop menu: Cryptobric has added a ‘gift shop‘ feature that allows users to purchase various gift coupons using KLAY and CLBK tokens at various places such as Starbucks, convenience stores, bakeries, and cafes.

4) Personal Information verification system: To respond to travel rules, we applied a customer verification system to Cryptobric.


  • Cryptobric (iOS version)

The current iOS version has functions such as a Digital Asset Wallet and gift shop menu, just like the Cryptobric Android version, except for the function that scans crypto-related apps for iOS.

1) Digital Asset Wallet & Gift Shop Menu: Cloudbric CLBK and Klaytn KLAY, a wallet that can store and transfer, and a gift Shop where you can purchase various gift certificates with KLAY and CLBK tokens.

2) Among Cryptobric 3.0 functions, threat information (Fake Crypto wallet address, phishing URL), which is only available on the Android platform, has been added.

Cloudbric is taking the lead in continuous service development and improvement based on a rich security experience to deliver the value of a security that will be applied to users’ blockchain lives. Download Cryptobric today to keep your mobile safe!


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