[Weekly Security News] Against Cyber attacks, Stronger together

[Weekly Security News] Against Cyber attacks, Stronger together

[November 29 2023]

1. Guard against cyber-attacks warning, as UK haulier data appears on ‘dark web’

A UK trucking company’s Data including budgets, cash flow, balance sheets, tax returns, project calculations and bank statements, as well as client details was stolen and posted on the ‘dark web’, in  a ransomware cyber-attack.



2. British Library: Employee data leaked in cyber attack

The Rhysida ransomware group, behind recent attacks on the Chilean army, the Portuguese city of Gondomar and the University of West of Scotland, claimed to attack the British Library on 31 October and got the employee data. The Library was aware that some data had been leaked after the ransomware attack and said that there is no evidence that data of our users has been compromised.

Source : BBC


3. UK and US develop new global guidelines for AI security

Agencies from 18 countries developed guidelines on AI cyber security. It builds on the AI Safety Summit to establish global collaboration on AI and aims to raise the cyber security levels of artificial intelligence and to help ensure that it is designed, developed, and deployed securely.

Source : National Cyber Security Centre


AS a variety of cyberattacks evolve and become more sophisticated, the number of cases of cyber security breaches is increasing as well as a lot of sensitive data has been breached and even led to devastating damages. To prepare for cyber threats, some countries begin to cooperate together in the AI sector. How about applying the Cloud based WAAP with logic-based intelligent detection AI engine since a few years ago.

A fully managed WAAP (Web Application and API Protection) service, Cloudbric WAF+, provides advanced protection against ever-growing web security threats such as malware, viruses, ransomware, and DDoS attacks. Using a logic-based detection engine and patented deep learning engine, Cloudbric WAF+ ensures maximum protection against emerging threats.


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