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Why Cloudbric?

Become a Cloudbric Partner Today and See Why We’re the Easiest Website Protection Service.
Cloudbric is the most advanced and powerful website protection service

Most Advanced Website Protection Solution

– Cloudbric is the number one Web Application Firewall (WAF) vendor in Asia.
– Utilizes its patented Logic Analysis Engine with 26 preset rules
Cloudbric's interactive dashboard makes website protection easy to use and understand

Easy Installation & Maintenance

– No hardware, no installation
– Subscribe in less than 5 minutes
Cloudbric customer support and satisfaction is the best in class

Customer Satisfaction Service

– Intuitive website analysis
– Personalized customer service and additional security settings

Partnership Benefits

Partnership Policy

Type 1: Solution Partner

Process diagram for Cloudbric solution partners
1. Users register for Cloudbric service on the partner’s website or via the Cloudbric homepage
2. Cloudbric provides the web security solution
3. Partners can deliver the service as a white label solution or by managing the client’s account

Type 2: Marketing Partner

Marketing partner process diagram for Cloudbric
1. Partner displays the Cloudbric banner or webseal on their website
2. Users can click to enter & register for Cloudbric services via website banner
3. Cloudbric sends the number of registrants and revenue information for profit sharing
Cloudbric is looking for partners that are interested in our award winning cybersecurity protection