Cloudbric Updates Service Pricing

As Cloudbric continues to expand, we’re always finding ways to give our customers the best security at affordable prices. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that we’re offering reduced costs for our paid plans – no strings attached, no catch.

How much you’re saving
Let’s look at the comparison between the old and new pricing models. You’ll see that under 4GB of traffic remains always free, but that our 10GB option has been reduced $20, almost a 70% deduction. Our 40GB plan has gone from $69 to $29, a 60% reduction, and best of all, our 100GB option has gone from $149 to a mere $69, more than half off.


Why we’re reducing prices
We’re bringing prices down for our users worldwide through steady upgrades to our infrastructure and services. Our goal at Cloudbric has always been to provide accessible security for everyone – enterprises, SMB/SMEs, organizations, and individuals alike. This is an extension of our security philosophy that we’re glad to bring to you.

When you can save
Right now! Our pricing changes went into effect the beginning of May. If you’re already a Cloudbric user and go over your 4GB limit this month, you’ll notice in your invoice that you’ll only be paying a fraction of what you used to. For new members, you can get started using Cloudbric today with the new pricing model. But remember, it’s always free up to 4GB, so why not sign up today?

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