Cloudbric Shows Crypto Wallet Security Prowess With Latest Partnership with Bitberry

cloudbric biterry crypto wallet service security

Cloudbric is pleased to announce it has recently signed an MOU with Bitberry, an easy and safe crypto wallet run by RootOne.

As a subsidiary of Dunamu, the main company behind Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Upbit, RootOne developed the Bitberry mobile app wallet to safeguard the crypto assets of users and to make it easy for users to send payments through phone numbers or email without any need to store private keys.

Currently, Bitberry has over 30 cryptocurrencies (more coming soon) available to store and send on its mobile app. Most recently, the global version has been released with both Android and iOS versions are available for download.  

Working with reputable companies is critical for Cloudbric in growing its service. Through this partnership, Cloudbric will work with Bitberry in interchanging cyber threat data, specifically fraudulent wallet addresses for Cloudbric’s soon to launch Threat Database.

Cloudbric aims to use this cyber threat intelligence for the development of its security platform and crypto asset protection service. Additionally, we will work together to create a safer crypto wallet service and will make the CLB token available through Bitberry’s platform in the future, enabling the payment of services with CLB.

Already Cloudbric provided security to various crypto exchanges and wallet services. As we move forward, the team will continue working in the blockchain security field.

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