Cloudbric Lays Out Updated Roadmap for Blockchain-Based Cybersecurity Project

We previously outlined our progress and goals for 2019 with Cloudbric community. Suffice to say, the Cloudbric team is busy focusing on a variety of efforts specifically with regards to product development, sales and marketing, and overall business expansion for our current cloud-based security services.

We’ve updated our roadmap to reflect progress so far and for what lies ahead in terms of product development and marketing activities. Take a look below!

2019 Cloudbric roadmap

As shown, Cloudbric’s upcoming console application (70% complete) and Threat Database for threat information sharing (40% complete) will be released within the first quarter and our cryptocurrency wallet (60% complete) will be released within the second quarter.

With the initial service of the universal security platform expected to launch within the fourth quarter of this year, we’re aiming to build momentum for the CLB token by launching a variety of marketing strategies including an Official Cloudbric Ambassador Program and other events throughout the year.


Make sure to follow us on our social media platforms (LinkedInTwitter, and Facebookand our recently opened Telegram Announcement Channel for the latest updates!

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