Cloudbric launches ‘Cloudbric WMS’, an intelligent security ruleset management service

Cloudbric (CEO, Jeong Tae-joon), a cloud security company, announced Cloudbric has launched ‘Cloudbric WMS
(WAF Managed Service)’, a web application firewall management service that can be used in the Amazon Web Services
(AWS) environment.


Cloudbric WMS for AWS


Cloudbric WMS is an intelligence-based security management service that supports users to efficiently utilize web
application firewalls in a cloud environment.

It blocks web attacks such as SQL injection and XSS (Cross Site Scripting) and manages the unique functions of the
web application firewall, such as avoiding risks in advance through harmful IP/region filtering. In addition, it creates
and manages security rulesets optimized for each user environment. Furthermore, Cloudbric’s security experts provide
prompt responses to issues through the latest security intelligence based on machine learning analysis.

Cloudbric WMS creates and manages AWS WAF rulesets based on ‘Cloudbric WAF+’ which has a web firewall detection
engine that boasts twice the detection rate of competitors and has been having the No. 1 APEC market share for 5
consecutive years. Not only that, but also Cloudbric operates 24/7 multilingual support channels in Korean, English, and
Japanese to make sure users maintain a high level of security at all times without their own security experts.

Cloudbric WMS also provides management functions for other third-party WAF operations on top of web application
firewalls, making it possible to build a more flexible and complex security system for diverse situations.

CEO of Cloudbric, Jeong Tae-joon said, “AWS Web Application Firewall is a DIY method that the user has to handle from
ruleset creation to management, and it is difficult and very burdensome to manage. Cloudbric WMS automatically provides
the past 4 years of know-how of web application security as a service, so it provides a solution to maintain an enterprise-
level security level even for AWS web firewall users.”


January 26, 2022.