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The importance of being prepared for cyberthreats

Recently, the Hybrid Multi-Cloud has come to be recognized as an ideal IT model and strategic alternative for the contact-free era. Hybrid MultiCloud is economically more efficient, and enterprises can quickly expand their resources to process large data while it maintains the security of core business and manages and performs backups for critical data. However, as more use cases have been reported, more cybercriminals are shifting their attention towards the critical data within the multi-cloud. Because enterprises handle various types of confidential information, they must acknowledge the necessity of “cloud security,” and proactively prepare against cyberthreats.


Massive threat information for the Threat Intelligence

There are many security companies that provide services for enterprises to achieve cloud security, but for these companies to provide their services, they require accurate, massively aggregated threat information. It can be difficult for the security companies to aggregate enough threat information that they can apply effectively. However, the Cyber Threat Alliance can provide a solution.


What is Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA)

CTA is a non-profit, international organization founded with the purpose of solving cyber threat issues using the core principle of cooperation and next-generation security governance. CTA aggregates threat information collected from its members every day, enabling members to update and advance their threat intelligence and detection capabilities to reinforce the cyber ecosystem. All CTA members are required to provide a minimum quantity of high-quality threat information which also suggests that even becoming a member of the alliance is impressive and notable. Cloudbric joined CTA as a member in 2022, providing and sharing threat intelligence since. The threat intelligence shared by CTA is used to upgrade the security level of Cloudbric’s own rule set used for web security. Through testing, we were able to see that the detection rate of several rule sets, including the Malicious IP Reputation rule set showed significant improvements with the threat intelligence shared by the CTA. As a member of CTA, we feel pride in taking part in improving the cybersecurity level worldwide. Like an old African proverb, says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Cloudbric is honored to join the never-en


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