[Weekly Security News] CyberWar with DDoS-The cyberwar against Russia, winter is coming as DDoS attack

[December 14, 2022]

1. The cyberwar against Russia: this is how they have knocked down their second largest bank

VTB Bank, the second financial institution in Russia, had suffered from a DDoS attack making its website and application disconnected. They had to take an action that they have never had to take before.

Source: Ruetir


2. Microsoft: (Cyber) winter is coming as DDoS attack disrupts Russian bank 

Microsoft warned Europe of planned and large-scale cyber attacks this winter. Data-deleting malware has been distributed to Russian courts’ pc and deleted files.

Source: The Register


The number of DDoS attacks is on the rise, and this trend is expected to continue following year. The best way to deal with DDoS attacks is not reactive, but to be proactive with cyber professionals.

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