Cloudbric acquires NIPA Cloud service quality certification

‘Cloudbric’, a Cloud and edge computing security company, acquired a quality performance certification for its cloud-based web security service, ‘Cloudbric WAF’ in the cloud computing service (SaaS) sector that is hosted by the Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA).

‘Cloudbric WAF’, Cloudbric’s web security service, was certified by fulfilling all seven categories which are

△ availability △ responsiveness △ scalability △ reliability △ service sustainability △ maintenance service support △ customer response service. These 7 categories are the evaluation standards of the SaaS (Software as a service) quality certificate of the National IT Industry Promotion Agency.

‘Cloudbric WAF’ is a Cloud security service (SECaaS, Security as a service) that can be used immediately with a simple three- step registration process without installing a separate program. It is equipped with ‘VISION’ that is an in-house developed deep learning security engine by Cloudbric to provide customized security services optimized for each website as attack data accumulates. It is possible to customize the environment depending on the situation and business needs of each company and provides an intuitive dashboard to check the security status of the website so that non-security experts can easily check the security status of the website. In addition, providing security policy management and 24/7 monitoring service reduces the burden of web security implementation and operation for companies that do not have security experts.

Cloudbric CEO, Tae-joon Jeong, said, “The reliability of Cloudbric WAF and its quality and performance has been publicly recognized through the acquisition of NIPA certification.” He also added, “We will continue to make every effort to establish a safe web security environment for public organizations, various institutions, and corporate customers through risk analysis of 28 locations in 18 Region Edge countries and measures.”