Why Cloudbric Users Love Using Cloudbric

We, at Cloudbric, tell our users that we are here to help their websites grow. Whether you need web protection because you are running an e-commerce website or you just love IT, we want to protect your website—big or small.

But, we wanted to hear directly from our users about how they felt about our comprehensive web protection. So, we spoke with two Cloudbric users, Selena, an online small business owner, and Victor, an IT consultant and cyber enthusiast. Although having different cyber security backgrounds—one only knowing she needed protection after an attack and the other being an expert who studies the field, the two users shared similar Cloudbric experiences.

As we talked, they shared the top three aspects they love about our service.

Easy to Use

Our users found Cloudbric very easy to use and understand. From learning about the services to managing your web traffic through our dashboard, Cloudbric makes it easy every step of the way. Victor shared that “Cloudbric messaging is easy to understand,” while Selena said that while using Cloudbric, “It’s very easy to use. It shows you the pie chart of vulnerabilities or… the back end to different types of hacking.”


We believe that everyone should have website protection, so we want to ensure that everyone can afford our services. Both Victor and Selena stated that Cloudbric’s affordability was one of the reasons they chose Cloudbric in the first place.

Victor said, “I’m a cyber security enthusiast, so I like knowing about all the varieties of services out there. Most of them are expensive, so when I heard about Cloudbric, I wanted to try it out myself.”

Selena also shared that once she was hacked, she needed to find a good affordable website protection service. “I found Cloudbric after I was hacked, and I chose Cloudbric because of the cost factor. I just couldn’t afford other solutions—they were too expensive.”

Visible Results

We know that sometimes the reason that people do not like to get web protection is why pay for something that you are not even sure is going to happen. However, just because you do not see the attacks, does not mean that you are not being attacked. Hackers are usually very stealthy (with the exception of the very obvious DDoS attack), so you may not know if malicious traffic is even visiting your website. So, to help our users understand who exactly is visiting their websites, we created a comprehensive dashboard that shows the origins and intents of your visitors. Both Victor and Selena shared their glowing reviews about the dashboard during their interviews.

Selena shared that with the Cloudbric dashboard, “I can see how many hackers are attacking me, or how many were blocked. It’s a huge advantage to me who knew nothing about anything about that stuff. It’s a huge awareness to somebody.”

Victor also shared, “Before I used Cloudbric, I thought my website was safe. But, through Cloudbric, I have come to see the attacks I didn’t know about. It gives me extra safety. I most like the fact that you can see an overview of your site, and that it is very useful that you can change your parameters while customizing your filter categories.

From small business owners who just want their websites to run without problems to cyber enthusiasts who have a passion for cyber security, our users have shared that they enjoy Cloudbric’s easy-to-use services that are both affordable and show visible results. We created our website protection service to protect you from the malicious traffic that continues to plague the cyber environment. It may not always be easy to see these threats, but with Cloudbric, you can be reassured that you will not only see who is trying to attack you, but also see the visible results that you are protected from cyber-attacks.


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