[Weekly Security News] Zero trust trend in the post-pandemic era and beyond

[January 25, 2023]

1. Amazon, other Pentagon cloud service providers face zero-trust test

Hackers backed by the U.S. Department of Defense will attack networks run by Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Oracle to better understand zero-trust cybersecurity in commercial cloud environments.

Source : Yahoo News


2. GlobalData: Zero Trust Will Gain Traction in 2023

GlobalData analysts predict 2023 will be the year that zero-trust architecture implementation will gain more traction and maturity.

Source : SDxCentral


3. Zero Trust, Sustaining in a Difficult Economy, and Acceleration of the Decentralized Workforce Will Shape 2023

With the rise of remote and hybrid working, the traditional perimeter as we know it is gone. The idea of firewalls – port and protocol based authorization, are far outdated and just dangerous in today’s world. That is why Zero Trust architecture and networks are so important for a company’s cybersecurity strategy.

Source : CPO Magazine


As the world continues to bounce back from the pandemic, many trends, such as Zero trust and remote(and hybrid) work, seems to stay around a little longer. As we face a recession, it would be nice to see the fate of those positive trends.

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