[Weekly Security News] Ukraine Ministry of Defense confirms DDoS attack; state banks lose connectivity

February 25, 2022

1. Ukraine Ministry of Defense confirms DDoS attack; state banks lose connectivity

The tension between Russia and Ukraine is getting higher than ever. Last week the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and state-backed banks were hit with DDoS attacks.  

Their website went down due to the lack of security measures, hence The Defense Ministry told the public that they will communicate via Facebook and Twitter. 

The service returned after a few hours. However, the damage and loss they had while the server was down were massive. 

Web attacks could help Russia have a better power in negotiation and put them in a better position to get what they want. This cyberattack also reminds us of having web security measures and that we will never anticipate when web attacks will happen to us. if you are looking for a web security solution, find out how invincible Cloudbirc WAF is.

Source : Zdnet, Theverge, NPR


2. Energy Department looks to build cyber threat detection platform for the electric grid

The frequency of cyberattacks is on the rise than ever before, the US energy department is planning to develop a common platform for detecting cyber threats. DOE(Department of Energy) was the first to participate in a voluntary “Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity Initiative” to help crucial infrastructure operators opt for network monitoring tools for their control system. This program will help DOE to improve electric utilities’ ability to detect, respond to and recover from cyber threats. 

DOE is now looking for a way to push research and development on building the cyber threat detection platform and it will make people be aware of cyber security threats.

Source : Federalnews


3. Cybersecurity: These countries are the new hacking threats to fear as offensive campaigns escalate

As Ukraine recently experienced a massive DDoS attack on their government and stated banks website, the number of countries and companies that adopted cyber security solutions is increasing. In accordance with Crowdstrike’s naming conventions, attacks by Turkish-linked groups are detailed as attacks by ‘Wolf’ while attacks by Colombian operations have been Dubbed ‘Ocelot’. ‘Wolf’, the Turkish-based hacking group targets data of an unspecified victim stored in an Amazon Web Service cloud environment. They were able to log into the AWS cloud environment using stolen usernames and passwords. It makes the hackers be able to change a victim’s security setting and get data from AWS environment. 

This type of cyber campaign is now easier than traditional espionage due to the spread of IT infrastructure. the infrastructure trend has been moving from hardware to cloud. Therefore the threat actors are changing as well. The assignment now for the organizations and companies is to find cyber security measures to protect their data and information.

Source : Zdnet, infosec today, itsecurity news

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