[Weekly Security News] The largest supermarket chain in southern Africa affected by ransomware

June 17, 2022

1. The largest supermarket chain in southern Africa affected by ransomware

One of the largest supermarket chains – which has more than 2,943 stores and over 149,000 employees across Africa – was hit by ransomware. 

The company said, “it became aware of a suspected data compromise that includes personal names and ID numbers, however it does not include financial information or bank account numbers from the attacks.”

The company added that it has revised its authentication processes’ and ‘fraud prevention and detection strategies’ to protect additional customer information. 

Source: The Record by Recorded Future


2. US Resort Chain Oregon hit by cyberattacks

One of Oregon’s most famous luxury resorts in the US was recently damaged by an unusual cyber attack.

The hacker made a clear attempt to post employee information and guest books online, negotiating to keep employee and guest records confidential and compel the hotel to pay a ransom. The company has reassured customers that the attack appears to be a kind of hacker experiment to force their victims to pay the ransom.

Source: The Seattle Times, The Daily News

3. The real cost of Cybersecurity attacks that companies should be prepared for

Cyberattacks can affect customer data as well as service delivery. Recent statistics show that more than 5.4 million DDoS attacks were reported in the first half of 2021, an 11% increase over 2020.

While cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and malicious, many organizations need to pay more attention to their cyber defense before incurring the enormous financial costs of cyber attacks.

Source: Information Security Buzz

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