How to Incorporate Cybersecurity into your SEO strategy

When talking about search engine optimization (SEO), the ratings on search engine and website traffic comes into mind. However, there are lots of factors and tedious work behind outstanding results for the website performance.

One of the concepts that contributes to the overall SEO success is the implementation of cybersecurity. It goes along with on-page and off-page optimization approaches having the same value for SEO specialists.

There are also cases when cybersecurity is neglected, however, with the expansion of the online environment this approach is unacceptable. Poorly protected websites are vulnerable and might become a target for hackers.

The importance of cybersecurity is non-negotiable and there are already high-quality means such as Cloudbric products that can ensure it. Read this article to learn more about the advantages of cybersecurity methods applied with the SEO strategy and the number of advantages it brings to website owners.

  • What is Cybersecurity?

Modern terminology uses a wide variety of terms in the information technology (IT) sphere, where cyber is one of those. Because of its Greek origin, the prefix cyber was first used to describe the computer and information age that arose several decades ago.

Consequently, the term cybersecurity could be interpreted as the concept of data protection in the digital space. This primarily refers to the online platforms and websites that could be accessed by people from various countries on the globe via the world wide web or simply known as the internet.

Cybersecurity for the website could somehow be compared to the safety of the brick-and-mortar stores. The approaches implemented to ensure website protection are very similar to the alarm systems in offices, shopping malls, and other establishments.

The implementation of cybersecurity is possible thanks to modern software, middleware, and cloud solutions. One of those is Cloudbric WAF+ – a web application firewall that filters that traffic to the website and detects unwanted hacker attacks.


  • Why cybersecurity is an important part of SEO strategy?

The components of any SEO strategy resemble cogwheels in the sense that the interposition of the components influences the functionality of the entire system. Similar to cogwheels, the process might be more or less effort-consuming, however, all of them are of the same significance.

It is believed that building links by gaining backlinks from different online platforms and websites is the main part of any SEO strategy. It is really so, which amplifies the need to get help of experts and buy quality backlinks for better website rankings. However, link building is not the only thing influencing the website positions on the SERP.

Content optimization, keyword review, design adjustments, and other components along with ensuring the website security in the online environment mean much for search engines. For instance, Google has embedded mechanisms based on artificial intelligence that detect potentially risky or unreliable websites.

In case Google considers your website as unsafe as it implements no or ineffective protection mechanisms, it might greatly affect your rankings and online visibility. In some cases, such websites may undergo additional manual checks by Google operators, which might lead to the total suspension of the website and blacklisting.

To make sure that your website performs well and passes Google checks, you should include cybersecurity checks into your SEO strategy. This will help to keep your website under control and protect it from any unwanted attacks.

  • What are the signs of website vulnerability?

There are many films that depict cyberattacks that lead to enormous damage to the corporate systems. Previously it seemed just like a fantasy that has no relation to the real world, though such things have become real recently.

Every year we see the news where the websites of large corporations and governmental institutions are attacked. However, this does not mean that casual websites are not under threat. The intents of hackers are diverse, so they might see the benefit of attacking even an SMB (small or middle business) website.

That is why you must be very cautious and attentive to notice the signs of cyberattacks if any. There are several common indicators that help to define whether your website is under threat and whether immediate intervention is required.

As your website has Google Analytics connected, you might use it for detecting any unusual activity there. For instance, in case your website traffic comes from geographical areas you are not targeting, then you should enhance cybersecurity for your website right away.

Another sign of a hacker attack is that the website components that were accessible before are not available anymore. The same goes for accessing user accounts on your website when they type in their credentials.

Keep in mind that there are several stages of the cyber attack starting from scanning (which is usually non-tangible and noticeable) to the full access control gain. Remember that prevention is the best way to avoid any kind of possible hacker attacks.

  • How to protect your website?

To enhance the security of your website in cyberspace, there are several effective methods you can rely on. You might include all of them in your SEO strategy or select those that you prefer most.

1. HTTPS Protocol

In fact, the implementation of the HTTPS protocol is a must-have for any website in the modern online environment. Even Google does not perceive a website as safe if it is not based on the HTTPS protocol.

The Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) was widely used all over the web, though it was not secure enough as the information world developed. Thus, HTTPS, where S stands for secure, was designed in order to enhance the protection mechanism for the online data interchange.

Using HTTPS protocol means that a secure communication channel is created between the website and the server. It means that intrusion in the channel and the loss or modification of data, as a result, would not be possible.

2. SSL Protocol

Another important aspect of any cybersecurity strategy for your website is the implementation of the SSL protocol. It stands for Secure Socket Layer protocol which is designed to protect personal and highly sensitive data.

When SSL protocol is installed on your server, your website URL address will automatically include HTTPS. Owing to the SSL certificate, such sensitive data as credit card numbers and personal information are encrypted so that any intruder would not be able to decode it.

3. Web Application Firewall

The innovative solution that grants high security for your web application and online platforms is the web application firewall (WAF+). It acts similar to a standard firewall embedded in the operating system on a stationary computer.

One of the best tools of this type is Cloudbric WAF+ that remains a leader in the market for years. It uses semantic and heuristic analysis for parsing all the code of the website traffic to detect any malicious intent.

Cloudbric WAF+ is the absolute leader in the industry due to its accuracy and the artificial intelligence module able to automatically detect web attacks and block spyware or ransomware. This tool would be suitable for enterprises as well as for SMBs.

4. Cybersecurity experts

Given that the complexity of the online environment is obvious, managing and ensuring website security would be more challenging in the future. That is why it is absolutely recommended to reach out to the experts in the sphere who have degrees in cybersecurity. They will scan your website and recommend the most optimal solutions.


  • Final thoughts

While SEO strategy includes many components, addressing cybersecurity must be an integral part of it. This will not only ensure better ranking but also protect your website from hacker attacks, prevent data breaches, and make the website visitors feel more secure.

It is not needed to wait until the first signs of hacker attacks take place but to start implementing protective mechanisms right away. One of the best solutions in the industry is Cloudbric WAF+ along with other products of the Cloudbric company. They will ensure the maximum level of protection for your website and make it a safe place to do your business and communicate with your customers.


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