[Weekly Security News] Tenet Health investigating a cybersecurity incident that disrupts IT operations

April 29, 2022

1. Tenet Health investigating a cybersecurity incident that disrupts IT operations

Tenet Healthcare, one of the largest hospital care service providers in the U.S with more than 146 hospitals, stated a recent cybersecurity incident caused immediate disruption of access to IT operations

The reason why the incident was caused and the date of the disruption of access was not known in detail, and according to the local news, suspensions began on some information systems and phone lines at two local hospitals in Florida.

Tenet said they have committed to restoring impacted IT operations and continue to respond to incidents and implement additional security measures.

Source: SC Media, WPTV, Healthcare IT News


2. North Dakota company hit by cyber attack that targeted over 500,000 customers.

Federal investigators mentioned that cyberattacks on a North Dakota-based company that provides software and billing services for doctors and healthcare professionals affected more than 500,000 customers.

According to the company, an unauthorized person may have accessed sensitive in-house system data that includes personal information. and after investigating the issue they took immediate measures with the help of cybersecurity experts.

Source: Kvrr Local News, Opera News


3. Failure to prioritize cybersecurity can result in damage to your company.

According to figures from Statista, data breaches in the US reached a total of 1,001 in 2020 alone, with more than 155 million people affected by personal data exposure. This is a surprising number for companies that handle sensitive confidential information, and a cybersecurity system must be implemented to prevent financial loss as well as data loss.

The largest global companies have decided to strengthen their IT teams with cybersecurity experts to protect themselves and prevent theft by preventing information loss or putting it into dangerous hands. For companies that deal with sensitive information, implementing a cybersecurity system Is vital to avoid not only data loss but also losing money.

By not having the right personnel protecting a company’s software, customers’ private data and even worker data can be exposed to public light, generating huge monetary losses and extra expenses in legal matters to solve this matter.

Source: Forbes

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