[Weekly Security News] Japanese Government Website were targeted by Killnet Hackers

September 16, 2022

1. Japanese Government Websites were targeted by Killnet Hackers

A cyber attack by the Russian hacking group Killnet halted access to Japanese businesses and government-related websites. Although it was restored on the same day, Japanese authorities are now speculating that it was an attack by DDoS.

Source: Infosecurity Magazine, IT Pro


2. Intercontinental hotel group hit by cyber attacks

The UK-based company IHG, which owns a global hotel chain brand like Holiday Inn, reported that unauthorized access to its technology system disrupted hotel reservation systems and other applications, preventing many customers from booking accommodations online. The company said it is working to restore all systems to full functionality as soon as possible.

Source: Security Newspaper, Cyber Security Hub


3. A successful strategy to protect your business against cyberattacks 

Effective cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important to businesses, and malicious attackers say they are targeting Internet-connected systems and web applications that are vulnerable to security. Many organizations are increasing their investment in cybersecurity, and to protect data that can affect their reputation, the article describes the types of attacks and best practices to prevent cyberattacks.

Source: Tech Target

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