[Weekly Security News] Singapore marine giant Sembcorp Marine was targeted in cyber attacks 

September 8, 2022

1. Singapore marine giant Sembcorp Marine was targeted in cyber attacks 

Singapore shipbuilder company Sembcorp Marine recently announced that an unauthorized party accessed part of the IT network from the Singapore company through third-party software products. This revealed that certain sensitive personal information of employees and non-critical information related to their operations were also exposed. The company immediately followed up after the cybersecurity accident.

Source: Safety4Sea, Energy Voice


2. Hackers created an enormous traffic jam in Moscow

Hackers recently sent dozens of cars working for Yandex Taxi to a specific location in the capital Moscow, causing hours of traffic congestion. Yandex Taxi is a global car service company that lets users order a Taxi. Although it is uncertain who was the hackers targeting the Yandex Taxi, the company said it has improved its algorithms to prevent similar attacks in the future.

Source: Cybernews, The Asian times


3. How to improve web security

In general, if a website is hacked and sensitive customer data is stolen, recovery can take a long time and cause fatal damage to the company’s reputation. This article provides some tips to help protect your website, and one of them is to recommend using a web application firewall to protect your website.

Source: Business Matters


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