[Weekly Security News] From Newfoundland to Western Digital: Examining the Impact of Recent Cybersecurity Breaches

[Weekly Security News] From Newfoundland to Western Digital: Examining the Impact of Recent Cybersecurity Breaches

[April 05, 2023]


1. Western Digital says hackers stole data in ‘network security’ breach

Western Digital, a leading data storage company, recently suffered a data breach that resulted in the theft of sensitive information such as employee and customer data. The company is working with law enforcement agencies and cybersecurity experts to investigate the incident and enhance its security measures.

Source : Tech Crunch


2. Three-day Capita outage was result of cyber attack

In the UK, Capita, a business process outsourcing company, experienced a three-day outage due to a cyberattack. The attack affected the company’s IT systems and services, highlighting the potential impact of cyber threats on critical infrastructure.

Source : Computer Weekly


3. N.L.’s privacy watchdog expects cyberattack answers from health authorities by mid-April

In Canada, a cyberattack on government systems in Newfoundland and Labrador caused significant disruptions to services and operations. While the authorities have made progress in identifying the source of the attack, the investigation is ongoing, and the public is urged to remain vigilant against cyber threats.

Source : CBC


Cyberattacks are an ever-present threat in today’s digital landscape and these incidents serve as a reminder of the importance of cybersecurity in today’s digital age. As more businesses and organizations rely on technology for their operations, the risk of cyberattacks continues to grow. Organizations must prioritize cybersecurity and take necessary measures to protect their systems, data, and customers from potential threats.

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