[Weekly Security News] Data Breaches and The Crucial Role of Access Control

[Weekly Security News] Data Breaches and The Crucial Role of Access Control

[August 23, 2023]


1. M&T Bank Files Notice of Data Breach Affecting Over 95k Massachusetts Residents

M&T Bank, a financial institution holding company based in NY reported a data breach, with unauthorized access compromising sensitive consumer data, impacting around 95K Massachusetts residents. Exposed information includes names and financial details. The breach potentially involves a third-party vendor rather than M&T’s own systems.

Source : JD Supra


2. Tesla says data breach impacting 75,000 employees was an insider job

Tesla attributes a data breach affecting over 75,000 employees to insider misconduct. The breach involved two former employees leaking personal data to a foreign media outlet. The information compromised includes names, addresses, phone numbers, employment records, and Social Security numbers of current and former staff.

Source : Tech Crunch


3. ShopBack fined $74,400 over data leak that affected more than 1.4 million users

E-commerce platform ShopBack has been fined $74,400 by Singapore’s data privacy regulator for a breach affecting 1.4 million customers. A hacker stole sensitive data, including bank account numbers and credit card details, due to an employee’s error in handling access keys.

Source : The Straits Times


Access control is a vital cybersecurity measure that prevents data breaches and safeguards public and private organizations. By managing authorized access to sensitive information, it minimizes risks of unauthorized entry. This proactive approach prevents financial losses, reputational harm, and legal consequences. As cyber threats continue to evolve, robust access control measures remain an indispensable aspect of an organization’s defense strategy.


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