[Weekly Security News] Albanian government website taken down after cyber-attack

July 22, 2022

1. Albanian government website taken down after cyber attack

The Albanian government said all public organizations and websites were closed after an anonymous cyber attack, and the e-Albania portal used by locals and foreigners to access public services was blocked as well.

Source: The Washington Post, The Register


2. A cyber attack has disrupted access to the Ministry of Health’s website for users from abroad

The Israeli Ministry of Health website provides information on the rules for visiting Israel during the Covid-19 pandemic in several languages, including English. The Defense Ministry said that Israel’s health ministry website has suspended access to overseas users due to cyber attacks. The Ministry of Health’s website worked for local people in Israeli however those who would want to use the website outside the country were temporarily disconnected.

Source: i24 News, News today

 3. The Importance of Cybersecurity

According to the article, cybercrime has increased by 300% due to the pandemic. This shows that cybersecurity is considered one of many corporate requirements.
Companies are increasing their cybersecurity budgets, but they continue to feel threatened. Converting cyber risk to potential costs is challenging, and most technical staff have no business insight to provide this analysis.

Source: Forbes


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