Understanding Cloud-Based Managed Security and its Importance for Organizations

Managed security

Understanding Cloud-Based Managed Security and its Importance for Organizations

With so much sensitive data being stored in the cloud these days, the number one concern is security. While everyone is aware of how important it is, security vulnerabilities are not the easiest to solve and overcome. Companies may seek help from security solution providers who tend to deploy security analytics tools that collect, process, and analyze security breaches. But despite such investments, many organizations find it difficult to properly manage cyber risk and detect and defend against cyber breaches. This is where Cloud-based managed security comes into play.

What is ‘Cloud-Based Managed Security’

Cloud-based managed security is to offload security monitoring, reporting with in-house resources. The sole focus of these cloud-based security providers is to secure their client’s cloud data using several control-based safeguards. Such safeguards can range from the management of intrusion detection to anti-virus configurations and more. These security applications generally operate as software in the cloud through the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Managed Security

There are some organizations that may be concerned about data confidentiality. So, they set up an in-house security team which can be more expensive and ultimately less secure than a security solution provided by 3rd party security provider. By outsourcing cybersecurity work to a managed service provider (MSP), organizations can focus more on business developments.

Cloud Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection

This is arguably one of the most important benefits of cloud-based security services particularly for organizations that adopt cloud-based services.

While DDoS protection at an on-premise level generally provides faster detection and is strong enough to detect and mitigate basic DDoS attacks on a network, application, and SSL-based layer. However, it is not enough to safeguard against a large volume of DDoS attacks. That is a huge drawback because cloud DDoS attacks usually occur with a massive volume of attacks that on-premise hardware cannot handle unless it has giant IDC or CDN networks.

On the other hand, Cloud DDoS protection can handle large volumes of DDoS attacks and filter out malicious traffic. For example, Cloudbric ADDoS provides advanced DDoS protection defending large-scale attacks up to 65 Tbps.

Effective Data Security

A good cloud-based security solution has security protocols within their network to protect sensitive data. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) can be an example. SSL is considered the best security protocol for cloud users. It creates a safe channel between a web browser and server, preventing data tampering in between. In the case of cloud computing, an SSL certificate secures data stored or shared by establishing an encrypted session. It ensures the security of customers’ data transmitting to the cloud.

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 monitoring is one of the features cloud security providers offer to their customers.

This helps organizations to focus on business related matters without worrying about cyber security incidents.

Is Cloud Based Security for You?

According to a 2021 research by ESG, 90% of organizations have increased their use of public cloud computing as a result of the global pandemic. While the levels of adoption of cloud computing work environment and cloud-based security controls differ between organizations, the general finding is that there is a positive correlation between the adoption of cloud computing work environment and cloud-based security. In the other words, organizations will slowly adopt cloud-based working environment as well as cloud-based security measures.

80% of organizations agree that the growth of security data to analyze because of the adoption of cloud computing is the main perpetrator of security complexity. The volume of sheer security data for organizations to analyze has led to experiencing at least one cyber-attack on their public cloud environment in the past year.

So, if your organization is deep into cloud computing or thinking of increasing cloud computing work environment, it is highly recommended to consider a cloud based security service like Cloudbric. To learn more or get a free trial, simply fill this out.