The Most Common Misconceptions about Web Security by Small Businesses

Web security was a hot topic in the news over the last few years with hackers targeting big industries around the world. Examples of companies that have been hacked are American Target, Home Depot, Morgan Stanley, and Sony. 

Unfortunately, one of the biggest misconceptions about web security is that small businesses and individuals believe hackers are only interested in attacking big and famous companies. That is simply not true. 

Below we have prepared three major misconceptions about web security and protection.

The Most Common Misconceptions about Web Security by Small Businesses

1. I already have basic web security!

Many people think that their content management system (WordPress, Go daddy, etc.) protects their websites. However, they do not have the ability to handle security. According to a Security Magazine, WordPress is one of the most cyber-attacked CMS with more than 24.1% attacks than other content management systems. 

Keep in mind that CMS is a service that maintains and publishes websites for you, it does not protect you from cyber-attacks. Therefore, all sized businesses need a security system to protect valuable data. 

2. Isn’t my business too small to be attacked?

There is no business or website that is too small to get attacked. Actually, hackers prefer to hack small and medium-sized enterprises that don’t have web security because it only takes few minutes to take over their business. They can hack dozens of small to mid-sized business websites in a matter of hours and never get caught. 

Everyone should be well aware of the possibility of being hacked. 

3. Isn’t web security too complicated and expensive?

We are too busy to manage both online and offline businesses, so what should we do? 

Additional spending of resources is not very attractive to businesses. Especially for a company that thinks it is a waste to spend a lot on security. But it is essential to have a strategy for your company’s future. 

The good news is that web protection is not as difficult or expensive as you think! One example of a web application firewall is Cloudbric’s fully managed WAF that keeps malicious web traffic from entering your website. 

To sum it all up, cyberattacks can happen to anyone and everyone, so wouldn’t it be best to protect your business before it’s too late? Visit our site for more information