The Benefits of a Managed Security Service Provider in 2020

A managed security service provider (MSSP)


A managed security service provider (MSSP) is basically a manager that tends to the IT security needs of a business sourced from outside the organization itself. MSSPs are a very important resource for businesses looking to maximize the security of their network but lack the resources that they need to build an internal large cybersecurity team. 

Business executives often get frustrated because of their collapsing technology budgets, enforcements, the possibility of a hack, and their failure to understand information security, its importance, and the best ways to manage it. This is why many businesses turn to MSSPs so they can get the security that they need for their data, sensitive assets, technology, and processes.  

Before a company decides on which MSSP they will work with, they always try to look for the benefits of working with them. More importantly, they also try to compare whether it’s better to work with an external network security team or try to settle for an in-house team. 

Indeed, many benefits come with using a managed security service provider. Some of these are:

  • Superior protection

Working with a managed security service provider guarantees better protection for the business. This is because they have the knowledge, expertise, tools, and everything they need to offer this protection that the in-house team is not likely to have. 

MSSPs are known to offer integrated solutions incorporating the best technologies designed by specialists for businesses of all sizes and shapes. They also have a broad scope, which allows them to spread the cost of their technology investment over a significant customer base. 

They can provide state-of-the-art security solutions that are able to and have dealt with a series of threats across different companies in different geographical regions. They also provide evolving services such as web application vulnerability detection, vulnerability testing, endpoint protection, firewall management, configuration management, tracking, reporting, etc. 

  • Saves cost

save cost

Ironically, sourcing for external protection is more cost-effective than using the internal system. But this is because of the cost involved in constructing and maintaining a new cybersecurity system. Cybersecurity systems often require specialized equipment and hardware to run. There’s also the annual licensing cost, staff recruitment, training, and salaries, etc. All of these combinations are the reason why it’s more costly to put together an internal security team. 

With MSSPs, organizations can substitute regular and substantial capital spending, which would come with investing in a cybersecurity system, and replace it with a stable operational cost of MSSP. So, businesses get 24/7 protection from the MSSPs for only a fraction of what will cost them to protect themselves with an in-house security team.

  • Focus on business growth

Once a business delegates its security and security issues to the MSSPs, they can rest assured that they have no problems. This allows the business and top business executives to focus on ways to grow the business with one less thing for them to worry about. 

The problem of securing their records, clients, and staff is something that has now become very critical for many companies and has started to divert the managers and executives from their significant goals of serving their customers and also making money. 

Security is more of a business issue than a technical issue, so it must be handled accordingly. Business managers and executives need to see to it that they can play their roles and move the company forward without worrying about the security of their information, their staff, clients, and records. 

  • Advanced technology

advanced technology

Companies can better secure their clients thanks to the advanced technologies of the MSSPs. Most of the technologies that MSSPs use in securing these companies are well-tested and have been integrated to provide an overall solution. These MSSPs also obtain data and reports from different sources and process them to proactively detect security threats and eradicate all forms of vulnerabilities in the company’s defense. 

MSSPs can provide the technologies for cybersecurity so that the companies can mitigate cybersecurity risks. They also deploy solutions and services to measure system failure, report gap analysis, and point out critical vulnerabilities. 


There are many benefits of working with an MSSP. So, company executives can’t afford to pass up the opportunity when it clearly offers more to protect the company than in-house security are able to. 


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