Cloudbric passed the web security performance test of ‘Wizlynx’

Cloud security company ‘Cloudbric’ announced that its cloud web firewall (WAF) service has passed the web application
penetration defense performance test conducted by the Swiss information security company ‘Wizlynx group’.

Although web services such as finance, e-commerce, and public service of government agencies have become completely
commonplace, many point out that the level of web security is insufficient compared to the need. In particular, as the
demand for web services explodes in the Untact situation caused by Corona 19, web attacks are also on the rise. However,
some companies complain that it is difficult to take countermeasures because the standards for web security safety are

Accordingly, Cloudbric requested an internationally recognized external professional organization to test its web security
service performance. The Swiss information security organization ‘Wizlynx group’ provides reliable security testing services
based on its expertise in network security. ‘Wizlynx’ operated a penetration test based on strict standards such as the
International Web Security Standards Organization OWASP Test Guide, Open Source Security Test Methodology Manual
(OSSTMM), and Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES). Cloudbric Web Firewall service detected and blocked all
attacks that were 1,738 attacks.

“We have proven the excellent performance of our web security service by passing the ‘wizlynx’ test, which is known to be
the most difficult, with good results.” Said Tae-Joon Jeong, CEO of Cloudbric “As the most important IT security in Untact
situation is web security, we will provide continuously enhanced security services through Cloudbric’s edge locations in 18
countries and 28 regions.”


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