Cloudbric for Small Business

Bring your online business up to date in the digital world

Small businesses often overlook web security due to costs. Yet web applications of small businesses are disproportionately targeted for hacking and malicious attacks, with greater than half of those attacks leading to a breach of personal information.

Our WAF+ protects your business and your reputation by stopping attackers in their tracks.

Prices are based on the amount of peak traffic generated by our client’s website, not by the amount of security features we include. Nor is customer support dependent on the amount our clients pay.

Why small and medium size businesses need to protect their website?

– No security experts in the company but we need to protect our website.
– The loss of a cyber incident is fatal to small business.

The most important points when selecting WAF for Small business

– Blocking rate against cyberattacks
– Fully managed service & Cost-effectiveness
– 24/7 monitoring service
– Provide essentials to secure websites at no additional cost

SMB’s favorite Cloudbric WAF+ feature

– Easy to implement – Unlike typical web security solutions, it is simply implemented by changing DNS address
– Intuitive UI – Non-IT experts can easily use the console of Cloudbric WAF
– Affordable price for SMBs

Fully Managed

Fully managed

Our Cloudbric team takes care of your
security requirements without any
additional in-house web security

Easy Implementation

Easy implementation

Change your DNS and be up and
running in real time.

Security First

Security first

Maintain your business operations
and secure your customer data with
100% protection from top security
threats according to Wizlynx.

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