Protect ICO Websites With Cloudbric

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Every day there seems to be a new token on the rise. Whether the ICO is a scam or legitimate, at the end of the day, both need a functioning website.

A website is arguably the core of an ICO project; whitepapers, videos, and other resources are hosted on the ICO website precisely to attract potential investors.

The Security Standing of ICO Websites

Remaining online is a must for ICO websites. Yet, it’s hard to do so when the internet is plagued with cyberattacks on a daily basis. In particular, DDoS attacks, which have the potential to knock websites offline, are all too familiar in the crypto world.

The start of token sales is an especially vulnerable time. One of the ways which can lead to millions lost during an ICO is when the official site redirects visitors to send crypto to a hacker’s address after they’ve defaced the website.

This was real life case scenario that happened to CoinDash, an Israel-based cryptocurrency portfolio management platform, who recently lost $7 million. CoinDash’s blog actually went into detail on how the hacker (or hackers) compromised a plugin on the site to exhort crypto from visitors to the site.

Another ICO, APEX, underwent a similar hacking incident near the start of their crowd sales. Malicious actors defaced their website, and as a result, were forced to take down the website to protect potential investors.

They even took to their social media channels to post a selfie of their CEO that showed the correct crypto address with a time stamp on a piece of paper.

The unfortunate part of it all is that this is not a unique instance; many ICO websites are being targeted.

Website Protection: A Must for ICOs

ICOs are vulnerable, and like all websites, need security. With a mission to “Secure Your Blockchain Experience,” Cloudbric will secure businesses and end users as they interact with the blockchain ecosystem, whether that means protecting cryptocurrency assets, exchanges, or in this case, ICO sites.

As part of our decentralized universal security platform, Cloudbric will offer website, mobile device and crypto asset security; our web application security technology already features one of the most accurate and low false positive rated detection engines on the market. Cloudbric aims to further advance its threat detection capabilities with its patent pending AI technology (read more about VISION here).

But that’s not that all the website security services Cloudbric has to offer. Cloudbric can also mitigate and block DDoS attacks, which are critical in preventing websites from being knocked offline.

No longer will ICO websites have to worry about malicious actors entering their sites, especially during the most critical time: start of token sales. Having a secure website is the foundation for a successful ICO.

Because Cloudbric’s existing web security services are already on the market and has a proven tracking record of protecting big names in the web hosting and cloud industry already, protecting ICO websites is right within Cloudbric’s scope of protection abilities.

Cloudbric is currently looking to protect ICO websites and exchanges.

To learn more about Cloudbric’s Reverse ICO you can find us on our official ICO website, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. If you have any questions or would just like to talk to our team in real time come visit our Telegram channel!