Key Features of Cloudbric’s Remote Access Solution

Remote Access Solution

Cloudbric’s Remote Access Solution is a cloud-based, secure remote access solution. It connects users to their workplace by sending all traffic through a secure and encrypted connection. Only authenticated users will be able to access your company information and data, regardless of device or access location. 

Hassle-Free Secure Remote Access

One of the biggest benefits of Cloudbric’s Remote Access Solution is that it is a hands-off solution. This means that minimal effort is involved for the user in order to have the service up and running. Cloudbric offers a cloud-based secure remote access that requires zero installations on either the client or the server side. Based on Cloudbric’s proven security technology, Cloudbric’s Remote Access Solution provides an easy answer for you.

any device remote accessNo Need for VPNs

Enterprise VPNs can become expensive and also comes with the hassle of setting up and downloading software for every user connection. With Cloudbric’s cost-effective Remote Access Solution, users will no longer have to download a solution and can connect to their office environment with a simple browser log-in as all users will be authenticated beforehand. 

Features and Benefits Summary

– Secure remote access to work environment, from anywhere

– Zero downloads, zero installations

– Quick and easy set-up

– A secure proxy connection with end-to-end encryption


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