Enterprise VPN Vs. Cloudbric’s Remote Access Solution


A VPN (Virtual Private Network) typically operates by establishing a secure connection by creating an encrypted tunnel between the user and the VPN’s web server. In other words, a VPN creates a private network utilizing the internet; this ‘virtual’ private network works not unlike a secure intranet, so users can remotely connect to web servers including otherwise private corporate servers. As all data is encrypted, even if the data is intercepted by a third party, it should be well-protected. 

Many businesses turn to enterprise VPN solutions to allow employees to establish a secure encrypted connection in the remote work environment.

However, an enterprise VPN is not necessary in order to achieve a secure and private connection between the employee and work environment. Cloudbric’s Remote Access Solution serves as an enterprise VPN alternative by providing businesses an easy and cost-effective way to secure remote access for employees from anywhere in the world. 

Below are 8 factors to consider when selecting a secure remote access solution:

1. Secure Private Connection

VPN: Yes

Cloudbric: Yes

2. Malicious Traffic Monitoring


Cloudbric: Yes, Cloudbric will monitor traffic and automatically blocks malicious traffic such as malware, bot attacks, and hacking attempts. 

3. Data Encryption

VPN: Yes, typically end-to- end.

Cloudbric: Yes, end-to-end for all HTTP/s traffic.

4. User Authentication

VPN: Usually a simple username and password gateway login, meaning anyone who has this information will be able to access the gateway. 

Cloudbric: All users must and will be authenticated and verified prior to being able to connect to the work environment with additional two-factor authentication.

5. Log Data

VPN: Depends on the VPN provider. For example, only if the VPN has a “no log” policy. Some VPNs will claim they offer this, but in actuality may still keep some data (i.e. such as session logs).

Cloudbric: No, Cloudbric does not store any user or enterprise data.

6. Additional Setup or Installations

VPN: Third party application must be utilized in order to establish a secure connection for remote access.

Cloudbric: None required on the client side.

7. Mobile Accessibility

VPN: Available, but requires a third party application download.

Cloudbric: Available, but requires NO download.

8. Pricing

VPN: Can vary, with private enterprise workplace VPN’s becoming very costly especially with more employees.

Cloudbric: Priced competitively at affordable rates for all business sizes.

remote access working from home laptop

A VPN requires an additional gateway installation and also lacks the security of authenticating who is actually trying to access the information other than a simple username and password login. 

Cloudbric’s Remote Access solution works in the same way as a VPN does in a sense that it creates a “virtual” private network that is encrypted and secure between the user and the workplace, but also brings in an added layer of security by actively preventing malicious traffic and hack attempts.

Cloudbric’s Remote Access Solution allows users to easily connect to their work environment from anywhere in the world by unifying user access management based on the user’s identity, without the need for a VPN. 

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