How To: Become An Official Cloudbric Ambassador

Cloudbric is pleased to announce our Official Cloudbric Ambassador Program!

Maybe you’re new to the community or perhaps you were unable to participate in our airdrops and bounty programs previously — whatever the case may be, now is your chance to earn rewards with us.

Participating in the Official Cloudbric Ambassador Program is easy:

How to Participate

✔ Step 1: Follow us on social media and get verified by our team

Subscribe to Cloudbric’s main social media channels (i.e. Reddit, Telegram Community, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter).
Let us know your handle in each of our community channels for verification 
Individuals can check their approval status here.

By joining the program, you are agreeing to subscribe to our newsletter. Opting out may disqualify you from the program. Please make sure your email is valid and that you have not accidentally marked incoming emails from or or as spam.

✔ Step 2: Participate in discussions

This is the most important step in getting rewards! Please provide insightful questions, comments, help for other users, etc. that lead to additional sharing/discussion (comments or posts in our communities does not have to be directly Cloudbric related, but must be relevant within the cybersecurity or blockchain space).
Submit our social activities through a separate submissions form.

✔ Step 3:  Receive rewards
If your posts or comments receive additional shares or follow up comments, you are eligible to receive prizes and giveaways including CLB airdrops, Starbucks/Amazon gift cards, free WAF servicing, and more.

Referrals – You can also invite friends to join our channels. They MUST satisfy the same requirements (Steps 1-3) for you to potentially receive double the rewards (2x CLB airdrops, larger gift card giveaways, longer WAF servicing, etc.).
Referrals can be added through the same Google Form.

Guidelines & Rules

To avoid disqualification from the program, please read through the guidelines and rules carefully.

Users who have submitted their social media handles and have been verified/approved can begin their duties as an Official Cloudbric Ambassador.

Engagements will be treated equally across the different social media platforms (i.e. Reddit, Telegram Community, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter). So, if you don’t have a Twitter account for example, you’re not at a disadvantage!

We reserve the right to remove anyone from the campaign at any time from suspected dishonesty or spamming.

Anyone discussing issues regarding race, gender, politics, or other irrelevant topics can be permanently banned from the campaign.

Guidelines are subject to change at any time.


Users are not limited to the number of engagements per week, however, users will be asked to submit the URL links of their social activities. You can submit up to five social activities per week. If you submit more than five, only five will be reviewed by our team. If you’re submitting for Telegram, please submit your Telegram username in lieu of a an URL. 

Posts should avoid using generic tones (e.g. “well done,” “nice work,” “great project,” “to the moon” etc.) or copy and pasted material from our whitepaper, website, or other resources.
Only engaging content will be reviewed and only legitimate comments/questions/referrals will be legible for rewards.

If you’ve made a follow-up comment, post the URL of the original post.


To give participants ample time to receive follow up discussion/comments to their posts, reviews will occur after two weeks of first posting.


Users will receive their awards twice bi-quarterly basis, depending on the number of overall participants.

Grading System & Awards

Winners may be eligible to receive the following awards: CLB, Gift Cards (Amazon/Starbucks), WAF Servicing.
Awards are subject to change and we may choose to add higher stake awards.

Social activities, or referrals will be assigned a point value:

Type A: Original posts = 1 pt

  • Relevant, organic posts/questions

Type B: Engaged posts = 3 pts

  • Shares, followup comments on Type A posts

Referrals = 10 pts
Once the required points are reached, participants can choose from the following awards:

80 8,000 CLB
80 $25 gift card
80 3 months free of Cloudbric service, up to 100GB
160 16,000 CLB
160 $50 gift card
160 6 months free of Cloudbric service, up to 100GB


1) How long will it take for my social media handles to get approved by the Cloudbric team?

Please allow for up to 3 business days. If you don’t hear back within 3 business days please email us at

2) How do I submit proof of my social activities?

Follow this Google Form and follow the instructions. 

3) Can I choose which prize to receive?

Yes, as long as the required points are met. We will ask participants to choose a reward of their choice.

4) How do you redeem prizes?

As specified in the guidelines, users will receive their awards twice bi-quarterly basis, depending on the number of overall participants. Cloudbric will request further information (for example, recipient email address for gift cards, ETH address for receiving CLB) if needed.

5) Is there a limit on the number of referrals?

There is not limit at the moment but rules and other are guidelines are subject to change. Please note that simply adding referrals does not guarantee you the specified points. Referrals must fulfill Steps 1-3 and therefore must participate in discussions to be eligible for rewards.

6) Until when will the Cloudbric Ambassador Program run? 

The Cloudbric Ambassador Program will run until the end of year!

**Notice: This event has ended. Thank you for your participation**

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