How Does Cloudbric Hide Your IP Address?

If you have a website or have interest in owning a website, you might have heard about an IP address one time in your life. Simply, the IP address means that Internet Protocol Address, which is a numerical label that indicates where your website is located.

Recently, people have been easily able to discover your original IP address just by typing a one-line code or using a free software. With everything now easier than before, your website is more likely to be a hacker’s target. This topic is something that many have asked about, especially for those that are new at protecting their websites, so here’s how Cloudbric helps you to protect your website by hiding your original IP address:

Technically speaking, web traffic has a special port so that web request transfers the information between web application and web server. We can think of it as a channel. Cloudbric is set a filter in this channel allowing only legitimate traffic to visit your website.

In order to set this filter – or the Logic Analysis Engine of Cloudbric – your current DNS records need to be changed to Cloudbric’s DNS records. By changing the DNS records, all of your traffic will first go through our server, and then only verified traffic will reach out to your original web server. Changing your DNS records means that your website visitors are rerouted to Cloudbric IP, instead of going straight to your original IP. This allows Cloudbric to act like a shield bouncing off all harmful access requests from all types of hackers.

This explains what it means by Cloudbric is a proxy service. Cloudbric lets you hide your original IP address and have a guard at the front. Please email us at if you have more questions.

Before Using Cloudbric

Hackers have a combination of different methods to access a website without authority. That’s why our logic-based detection technology can learn new methods in real-time staying updated to defend your website and your customers.

Before using Cloudbric web application firewallAfter Using Cloudbric

Only the legitimate users have access to your website. Cloudbric stands between your website and the visitor 24/7.

After using Cloudbric web application firewall

Having the comfort of knowing that your website and your customers are safe is a feeling we want everyone to experience. This way you don’t have to spend time worrying about or correcting security mishaps and you can focus on continuing to grow your business.