Cloudbric To Provide Web Security and Wallet Security Services to KDEX Exchange

kdex cloudbricCloudbric and KDEX recently entered into a partnership to help KDEX address one of the most prevalent issues in the crypto space: security.

KDEX is an upcoming “all-in-one exchange” that safeguards and securely manages cryptographic assets. They also provide a personal integrated wallet platform service. Users can manage and transact their cryptocurrency through a blockchain-based personal wallet.

Through the recent signing of an MOU, Cloudbric is working closely with the KDEX team to bring web security, web server security, and cryptocurrency protection (specifically wallet security) to their platform and wallet service.

Furthermore, with the introduction of Cloudbric’s blockchain-based security platform, Cloudbric will be able to offer secure crypto transactions and storage by continuously collecting analyzing cyber threat information.

Cloudbric recently signed various partnerships with exchanges and wallet services and aims to keep the momentum going as an effort to promote the widespread use of blockchain.

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