Cloudbric To Guest Lecture at American Universities (Penn State & Grove City College) on Cybersecurity and Blockchain

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Since Cloudbric’s establishment, we’ve formulated numerous security partnerships with data centers, web hosting companies, and others including partnerships with Packet, Plesk, eSecure, who are all headquartered in North America.

Additionally, as a cybersecurity vendor with a growing presence in the North American region, we hope to spread awareness about not only our project but the importance of cybersecurity in the crypto space.

It’s why our team is excited to announce our upcoming trip to the U.S.! In attendance will be our CPO Tai Kim, COO Joey Song, and CSO Peter Cha.

Joey and Peter will be holding guest lectures at their alma maters (Pennsylvania State University and Grover City College, respectively) to discuss the topics of cybersecurity, blockchain, and international business.

The team’s goal is to inform college students about the blockchain industry and inspire students who might be interested in potentially launching their own ICO venture or blockchain-based business in the future.

Ultimately, our team aims to showcase the ups and downs of managing a blockchain-based cybersecurity business.

Taking his experience in navigating through the blockchain world from a business point of view, Joey will be detailing first hand his experience in working in the ICO space with students.

Meanwhile, Peter who’s a graduate of the GCC business program, will be speaking to business and computer science students on his experience in working for a cybersecurity firm in South Korea that specializes in securing blockchain-based technologies.

Joey, Peter, and Tai will also coordinate meetings with Cloudbric partners and resellers during their trip to U.S.

Check out the details below!

Guest Lecture by Peter Cha
WHEN: October 11, 2018, 4:00 – 5:00 PM
Grove City College

Guest Lecture by Joey Song
WHEN: Monday, October 15, 2018, 4:00 – 5:15 PM
WHERE: IST 402 Special Topics – Introduction to Blockchain
E208 Westgate
Pennsylvania State University

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