Cloudbric Selected as a Finalist for The SC Magazine Awards

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On June 7th, SC Magazine will announce the winners for this year’s SC Magazine Awards.


SC Magazine announces Penta Security Systems Inc. (Cloudbric’s parent company) as one of seven finalists for this year’s SC Magazine Europe Awards highlighting outstanding leadership within the information security industry. Cloudbric has also been recognized as one of five finalists for the Best SME Security Solution award.

From Cloudbric’s Executive Board

Our VP of Product & Technology at Cloudbric, TJ Jung, delivered some comments regarding the uniqueness of Cloudbric after this recognition from SC Magazine. “Unlike mainstream security vendors that prefer to charge website owners per premium security feature, Cloudbric provides a full suite of website security features, such as web application firewall, CDN, SSL, DDoS protection, as a set standard,” says Jung.

Cloudbric is an elite full service website security solution specifically designed for small to mid-sized businesses. Being in the information security industry for over 19 years, Penta Security Systems has acknowledged that most SMEs do not have the proper resources and security solutions to counteract malicious web attacks targeting sensitive customer data. Penta Security launched Cloudbric in early 2015 to better serve the SMB market and offer a new free to use enterprise level security package regardless of business size.

About SC Magazine

SC Magazine delivers breaking IT news and comprehensive analysis through extensive product reviews, live coverage during global IT events, and risk management strategy tactics. SC Magazine will formally honor the finalists on Tuesday, June 7th at a stunning new central London venue on the Riverside of the Thames, Old Billingsgate where a winner within each category will be chosen. Also during this event, cyber-security professionals and other products and services that work to strengthen corporate and small business information security will be gathered to share their breadth of knowledge and experience in the information security industry.

“Penta Security’s website protection solution represents some of the most innovative and effective security technologies on the market today,” said Tony Morbin, Editor in chief SC Magazine UK. “As attackers develop and deploy new approaches to compromising sensitive information, companies are challenged to keep pace. Cloudbric was named an SC Award finalist for its efforts to raise the bar for the security industry.”

About Penta Security Systems

Penta Security is an IT security leader that holds market share in a variety of important industry segments, such as data encryption and web security. Penta Security protects more than 117,000 websites of all sizes and blocks more than 108,000,000 web attacks per month. Recognized by Frost & Sullivan, Penta Security Systems is the number one Web Application Firewall vendor in the APAC Region based on market share. With world-class IT security technology, Penta Security’s mission is to ensure the safety of our customers, silently behind the scenes.