Cloudbric Partners With CoinUs For Wallet Security

The next installment of our security partnerships is here!

We’ve recently partnered up with CoinUs and signed an agreement to meet their wallet security needs.

With a slogan of “easy, fast and secure anytime, anywhere,” CoinUs is an integrated business platform that places a lot of focus on the value of an individual, as well as their experience so as to provide a human-to-blockchain interface. For example, users can use single backups when managing their wallets instead of having to back up all their coins using separate processes.

CoinUs Wallet is a hybrid wallet that provides top-notch security by combining best of hot and cold wallets.Users will be able to safely protect their assets from lost smartphone or wallet theft

The Cloudbric team looks forward to working with CoinUs! Please stay tuned for other future updates and upcoming partnerships.

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