Cloudbric Listed on Bitsdaq Exchange, The Trading Platform Powered by Bittrex

Cloudbric’s cryptocurrency CLB was recently listed on the global exchange Bitsdaq on July 4 and began trading on the platform July 5. 

Bitsdaq was launched as a digital asset trading platform that leverages Bittrex’s cutting-edge technology to provide customers a secure, advanced and reliable platform and extensive selection of digital tokens.

Recently, Bitsdaq listed seven new projects including Cloudbric’s to promote quality projects in the second half of 2019. Cloudbric’s trading pair CLB/BTC will be exclusively offered in Bitsaq. Meanwhile, other trading paids such as CLB/ETH will be available in the near future. 

The Bitsdaq App received a positive response within two weeks of its official launch. The app is available on both Android and iOS conveniently allowing users to trade CLB: 

Cloudbric has been diligently began preparing to launch a personal security app during 3Q following the launch of their partner Klaytn’s mainnet, orchestrated by KakaoTalk’s blockchain subsidiary Ground X. The app will provide a type of cryptocurrency asset verification service to individual users.

The app will first be available for free at its launch to emphasize the importance of cryptocurrency asset protection. It’s also part of Cloudbric’s mission to help in creating a secure blockchain ecosystem.


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