Cloudbric, Joined Cyber Security World Asia 2022… Spur the expansion of Asian Business


Enhance the awareness of Cloudbric and its main service as well as Targeting the Asian market in earnest

Cloudbric (CEO, Taejoon Jung), a special cloud security provider, introduced cloud-based security service Cloudbirc WAF+ and Cloudbric ADDoS at Cyber Security World Asia 2022 held at Marina bay Sands, Singapore from 12th to 13th Oct and received a lot of attention.

Cloudbric ADDoS accommodating a variety of business requirements defends large-scale DDoS attack up to 65Tbps based on more than 50+ edges location in the world. With the advanced Data Base combined with Cloudbric Labs, it defenses against sophisticated attacks and respond immediately within 1 second. What is more, due to the Always-On operation, it immediately blocks DDoS attacks without delay.

Cloudbric WAF+ is a cloud based fully managed security solution for any company or organization having its website, providing protection against the full spectrum of web threat. It provides five essential services for the corporate web security, such as Web Application Firewall(WAF), DDoS Protection, Blocking Malicious IP, Bot Control, and SSL/TLS. Among the Cloudbric booth visitors, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises((SMEs) who were vulnerable for corporate security, were very positive about a fully managed service and a low false positive rate based on COCEP engine.

Erik Tan, who are a Senior Regional Manager of Cloudbric, presented ‘The Required Security Strategy in the Hybrid Multi-Cloud Era’ in the Conference Programme. He explained the need and benefits of adopting ZTNA and WAAP in Corporation. That session also drew people’s attention.

Taejoon Jung said “It was very meaningful to feel the positive reaction directly when it comes to Cloudbric ADDoS, launched after along with Cloudbric WAF+, which was already known in the market at Cyber Security World Asia 2022 held offline for the 1st time after COVID-19.” and “Through this exhibition, we will spur the expansion of the Asian business by actively supporting companies that are having difficulties in establishing web security so that they can quickly and easily establish web security.”