Cloudbric, Included in the G2 2023 Fall Grid® Report – Cloud Security, Web Application Firewall, and DDoS Mitigation

Cloudbric, Included in the G2 2023 Fall Grid® Report – Cloud Security, Web Application Firewall, and DDoS Mitigation

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Cloudbric has once again been featured in the 2023 Fall Grid Report by global review site G2, conducted in September. This follows its previous listings on the Web Application Firewall segment in the spring and summer grid report. In the latest report, Cloudbric has not only retained its position in the web application firewall category but has also gained recognition in additional categories, specifically cloud security and cloud DDoS mitigation.

📌 Cloudbric has been selected as a best (Niche) web application firewall in 2023 by the global review site G2
📌 Cloudbric recognized by G2 WAF Grid Report in Summer 2023

G2, a renowned platform for software and service reviews, curates recommendations from millions of authentic users. Cloudbric’s inclusion in the select grid reports, determined through reviews and evaluations from actual users, underscores the credibility of its technology and further amplifies the value and effectiveness of Cloudbric’s offerings.

In the 2023 Fall Grid Report, Cloudbric has firmly established its reputation in the realm of cloud security and cloud DDoS mitigation. It now stands alongside esteemed global security leaders and prominent tech giants like Microsoft, AWS, Fortinet, Symantec, Cisco, Cloudflare, Google, and Imperva. This notable achievement highlights Cloudbric’s elevated standing within the industry.

Persistently featured in the G2 Grid Report, Cloudbric WAF+ stands as the pioneering SaaS-type fully managed web security platform, utilizing over ten years of experience in cloud security. This comprehensive solution encompasses five vital web security services, including web application firewalls(WAF) for enterprises. Its seamless implementation is facilitated by a simple DNS information change, eliminating the need for intricate installation processes. Enhanced by a logic-based detection engine and a deep learning AI engine, Cloudbric WAF+ impresses with its notable detection rate and distinctively low false positives.

Cloudbric ADDoS (Advanced DDoS), an advanced DDoS mitigation service, employs real-time data and insights to analyze attacks, optimizing security policies to align with the unique requirements of customers. Leveraging Cloudbric’s extensive global edge, the service effectively defends against massive attacks, boasting a maximum capacity of up to 100 Tbps per second. Protection extends across Layer 7 (application layer) as well as Layers 3 and 4 (network layer).

Expanding beyond its web security solutions, Cloudbric is diversifying its scope by venturing into Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions, employing Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) technology. Cloudbric elevates enterprise network security through the implementation of precise access controls and perimeter settings. Please pay close attention to Cloudbric’s progress in the security industry with continuous advancement and development of cutting-edge cloud security solutions.