Cloudbric expands Japanese market with e-commerce security service

Cloud security startup, Cloudbric announced that it has signed a security service partnership for safe website operation
with BLUE STYLE, a Japanese e-commerce website building and operating company.

The Japanese e-commerce market, which was relatively mediocre, is growing rapidly in the face of the prolonged Corona
Untact situation. However, security incidents occur frequently due to the sudden boom that has not been sufficiently
prepared for. In response, Cloudbric entered into a partnership with Japanese website company ‘BlueStyle’ to provide
cloud security services (SECaaS, Security as a Service).

The web security service of ‘Cloudbric’ can be customized according to the circumstances and business needs of each
customer. It has equipped with an intelligent logic analysis engine (COCEP) and boasts high security and speed with
almost no false positives or false positives. Through this partnership, ‘BlueStyle’ plans to provide customers with a safe
e-commerce environment by applying Cloudbric service to the website it builds and operates. ‘Cloudbric’ shares
information and vulnerabilities of hackers targeting Japanese e-commerce websites on ‘Cloudbric Labs’ in a form of
blockchain. ‘Cloudbric Labs’ is a service that shares threat data collected from around the world through blockchain, and
provides Cloudbric CLBK tokens as a reward when reporting threat data.

“The Japanese market is already a big market with over 100 corporate customers this year in terms of Cloudbric overseas
business performance, but this partnership has strengthened our position in Japan.” said Tae-Joon Jeong, CEO of
Cloudbric. “Like Korea, as online businesses become more active in japan, the perception that security is a critical factor in
the success of web-based businesses is becoming more common. We will do our best to have business capabilities that can
sufficiently respond to the explosive expansion of the market in the future.”


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