Ask Cloudbric: How Does Cloudbric Differ From Penta Security’s Web Application Firewall Solution?

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How is Cloudbric Different From Penta Security’s Web Application Firewall?

The main difference between Cloudbric and Penta Security’s own web app firewall is an issue of platform, one being cloud-based and the other hardware.

Penta Security Systems, Inc. is one of the top IT security firms in the Asia-Pacific region. Founded in 1997, Penta Security offers web application security, database security, and single sign-on solutions.

In 2005, Penta Security launched WAPPLES, a web app firewall that operates on a groundbreaking logic analysis engine. WAPPLES is a server-based hardware solution protecting web applications from the most critical web app security risks as identified by OWASP, including DDoS attack, SQL injection, and cross-site scripting (XSS). WAPPLES was recognized for its superior web app security in a study by the Tolly Group.

Image of Penta Security's Wapples
This is what Penta Security’s WAPPLES web application firewall looks like.

Due to the difference in platform between Cloudbric and Penta’s WAPPLES, there is a difference in the type of customers using each. Cloudbric provides comprehensive protection services for all users, regardless of payment plans or bundled features and free from inconvenient hardware. Rather than the big corporations that are best suited to WAPPLES, Cloudbric’s users may include artists hosting their portfolios online, or mothers sharing tips about parenting, or anyone who does business online without the backing of a big corporation and millions of dollars.Cloudbric, a software-as-a-service web application firewall, is based on WAPPLES’ acclaimed technology, repackaged in a cloud-based solution for the convenience of users who might not want to haul around heavy hardware. Cloudbric was launched as a corporation in September 2014 with Penta Security’s Global Business Director Jaeson Yoo appointed Cloudbric’s CEO. Cloudbric officially launched its service to the world on January 15, 2015.

Cloudbric WAF Function
Cloudbric provides you with optimum cloud based security.

Cloudbric is free to start, and no installation is required. Try it out today! Websites are charged based on the amount of monthly bandwidth consumed, ensuring that effective website security is available even for the smallest website, and all companies receive the level of protection they require.