Ask Cloudbric: How Can I Show My Website Visitors I Use Cloudbric Protection?

Cloudbric received a lot of questions about our web application security service, and in our mission to democratize cyber security, we try our best to make the information readily available. We post a lot of answers in our Help Center, but every week we will give a longer answer about one question. This week, a user asks…

How Can I Show My Website Visitors I Use Cloudbric Protection?

If a security solution is operating properly, users shouldn’t notice anything, right?

But letting them know your website is protected by Cloudbric sends a message that you care about information security and can be trusted with their sensitive data.

To help with informing your customers that Cloudbric is on guard, we can provide a site seal image that can be posted somewhere on your site. The seal will display the Cloudbric logo and name, as well as your website.

web seal






Having a site seal on display will foster user trust in your website and help encourage customers to make purchases from you. News of online threats circulates widely, and you need to assure customers they are safe in your hands.

You can display the site seal wherever you want. It might be best on the footer or somewhere in a sidebar, but you should also be sure to feature it prominently on any secure pages with a login prompt or online transactions. It is appreciated if you link the seal image so users can click on it to visit the Cloudbric homepage for themselves.

We currently don’t offer the site seal to all users, so if you are interested, please contact the Cloudbric website or e-mail us at