Why You Need a Firewall

Your Website is Published. Is it Good to Go?

According to the Netcraft January 2015 web server survey, there are over 876 million websites all around the world. Among them, however, 30,000 websites are hacked each day and the majority of these websites are legitimate small businesses that are irrelevant to cyber criminals. Why is this the case? Many of them missed the final touch. The website owners must have thought their websites were ready to go online. Yet, there was one thing they left out. The firewall.

You might be thinking ‘Among those 876 million websites, mine is just a small one. Why would mine be attacked when there are so many out there to be targeted?’ You’ll be surprised to see how many attacks every website receives, regardless of size. Here are the ACTUAL dashboards of Cloudbric customers who kindly agreed to share their traffic levels.

1. Personal Website

Cloudbric blocked 2,323 attack attempts
Cloudbric protected this user’s website by blocking 2,323 attack attempts originating from five hackers.

2. Small/Medium-Sized Business

This user faced attacks by 26 hackers
Cloudbric has stopped a high volume of dangerous activity, with two recent spikes.

If you look at the dashboard images above, both the personal website and business website had been attacked. Indeed, the personal website had alarmingly high number of attacks. Your website is not an exception. Building a website with no protection measure is like building a house without a door lock. Do you still think hackers would ignore your site because it’s too small to get their attention? Well, that’s a big no!

Here Are 2 Main Reasons Why Hackers Attack Your Website

1. Just for Fun or to Show Off

“Deface hacking” is one of the hacking methods that is increasing sharply. This hacking activity finds a target website’s vulnerabilities and inserts a new webpage or changes content. As a result, the website will not appear at all or it will contain irrelevant content or malicious code.

2. To Use Your Site for Further Attacks

The most famous hacking method is DDoS attack. With this method, a hacker can connect many innocent computers to form a botnet. Such zombie computers are controlled by a hacker. A botnet makes it harder to detect the real hacker and also makes it harder to block. Your website may not be ‘that’ important, but it can still be used for another crime.

All Websites Are Constantly Being Attacked, Regardless of Size

Before publishing your website, make sure that it is secured. Simply set up a guard in front of your website. Once you set up a firewall, all kinds of website attacks can be blocked. Then you can finally have peace of mind for your website.

Cloudbric stops harmful traffic before it reaches your server.
Cloudbric fends of major types of attacks