What Are The Attacks I See on My Cloudbric Dashboard?

If you log into your own Cloudbric dashboard, you can see which types of attacks attempted to attack your website by month. Just filter the dates that you want to analyze, and you can see your total website visits compared to the attempted hack attacks.

In the below example, you can see that this month, there were a variety of hack attacks attacking this website (Include Injection, Cross Site Scripting, Identity Theft, etc).

Screenshot of Cloudbric dashboard with line graphs in both red and blue of web traffic and web attacks.
This customer was protected against 854 hacking attempts.

However, what exactly are these web attacks and their risks? Below, you can find the purposes associated to each of the attacks that your website was protected against as well as their implications.

Types of Web Attacks and Their Purposes and Implications

Cloudbric's table of web attacks organized by type of attack, purpose of attack and their implications
Do you recognize any of these attacks on your dashboard?

Cloudbric detects and constantly monitors these suspicious activities and blocks all malicious attacks and you can track these blocked attacks through your own Cloudbric dashboard. If you have any questions about these hack attacks or your Cloudbric protection, message us through our 24/7 chat or submit an inquiry at https://cloudbric.zendesk.com/.