[Weekly Security News] The Growing Threat of Phishing and Smishing Attacks: Insights from Recent Cybersecurity Incidents

[February 15, 2023]

1. Cyber attacks on govt department rising; 151 hacking, 492 phishing cases in 3 years

Government departments in India are facing a growing number of cyber attacks, with 151 hacking incidents and 492 phishing cases reported in the past three years. The Indian government has taken steps to address the issue, including conducting regular cybersecurity audits and drills. However, the increasing number of attacks underscores the need for continued vigilance in the face of evolving cyber threats.

Source : The Tribune India

2. Artificial intelligence offers swindlers a new tool for romance scams

The use of AI is enabling romance scammers to conduct phishing and smishing attacks more effectively. By creating fake profiles that can chat and interact with targets without human involvement, scammers are able to cast a wider net and target more people. It’s important for individuals to stay vigilant and be wary of developing relationships online, as scammers are becoming more sophisticated in their tactics.

Source : SC Media

3. Reddit Confirmed a Security Breach After a Sophisticated Phishing Attack

A recent security breach on Reddit was confirmed to be a result of a successful phishing attack. The breach allowed hackers to access backup data including email addresses and passwords that go back as far as 2007. Although Reddit enforced two-factor authentication, the hackers were still able to get through.

Source : CPO Magazine

Phishing and smishing attacks remain a growing threat, with cyber attacks on government departments in India and the recent Reddit breach highlighting their dangers. The use of AI in romance scams further underlines the need for vigilance. To stay safe, practice strong cybersecurity measures such as monitoring suspicious activity.

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