[Weekly Security News] Safeguarding Against Layer 7 DDoS Attacks – Insights from Microsoft’s Experience

[Weekly Security News] Safeguarding Against Layer 7 DDoS Attacks – Insights from Microsoft’s Experience

[June 21, 2023]


1. Microsoft confirms DDoS attacks caused Azure, OneDrive outages

Microsoft experienced DDoS attacks targeting layer 7, disrupting services like Azure and OneDrive. The attacks were conducted by a group called Storm-1359 or Anonymous Sudan, using virtual private servers, rented cloud infrastructure, and DDoS tools. No customer data was compromised.

Source : Cybersecurity Dive


2. Microsoft Response to Layer 7 Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks

This document is a brief report from Microsoft about a recent DDoS attack that targeted layer7, disrupting services like Azure and OneDrive.

Source : Microsoft


3. Compromised Linux SSH servers engage in DDoS attacks, cryptomining

Poorly managed Linux SSH servers are being compromised by attackers who install malware like Tsunami, ShellBot, and XMRig. These attackers engage in DDoS attacks and cryptocurrency mining.

Source : Help Net Security


The recent DDoS attacks on Microsoft, causing disruptions in Azure and OneDrive, highlight the significance of layer 7 protection. By specifically targeting the application layer, these attacks demonstrate their complexity and stealthiness, resembling legitimate web traffic. Even major corporations like Microsoft are not immune to such attacks. Safeguarding this layer is crucial to prevent overwhelming the server infrastructure and ensure uninterrupted services.

Cloudbric offers Cloudbric ADDoS, an advanced DDoS protection solution that specializes in protecting against attacks on both Layer 3,4 and even Layer 7 (application layer). With over 73 strategically deployed edge locations globally, it provides high-speed throughput and excellent network capacity while mitigating and resolving large, complex DDoS attacks up to 100Tbps with minimal impact on web service.

Cloudbric ADDoS is a powerful tool for safeguarding networks and systems from the harmful effects of DDoS attacks.

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