[Weekly Security News] Recent data breach from US Marshals to News Corp.

[Weekly Security News] Recent data breach from US Marshals to News Corp.

[March 02, 2023]

1.  Forget the spy balloon. China-linked hackers collect far more information, report says

A Chinese hacking group allegedly linked to the government is using advanced malware to target US organizations and gather sensitive information, including from defense, tech, and healthcare sectors. Experts warn of broader risks posed by such cyber-espionage activities, which are part of a wider Chinese campaign to acquire US military and technological secrets. The group’s sophisticated malware tools make it difficult to detect and defend against their attacks.

Source : NBC News

2. US Marshals Service target of ‘major’ cyber-attack

The US Marshals Service was hit by a significant cyber attack in December 2021, with personal information on prisoners and witness protection applicants stolen. The attack highlights a broader trend of cyberattacks on US government systems, and the vulnerability of sensitive data to malicious actors. The agency has not yet attributed the attack to a specific group or individual. The FBI is investigating the incident.

Source : BBC News

3. News Corp Hackers Hid Inside the Network for Two Years

The article reports on a two-year data breach at News Corp, which allowed hackers to remain hidden within the network. The breach was detected by an internal audit and affected several businesses under the News Corp umbrella. Although the extent of the breach is unclear, it is believed that sensitive data, including financial and personal information, may have been accessed. The incident underscores the importance of strong cybersecurity measures and regular network security audits to prevent and detect breaches.

Source : Spiceworks

A trend of cyberattacks on the US government and private sector highlights the risks of cyber attacks. Recent attacks on US Marshals, News Corp, and tech/healthcare firms show the scope and sophistication of threats. Detecting and defending against attacks is challenging. Robust cybersecurity measures are necessary to mitigate risks of data breaches and theft of sensitive information.

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